Renting a Car During the Holidays: Top Money-Saving Tips

If you’re going on a trip during the holidays, you often have to plan not only sightseeing but also transportation, housing, and all necessary things. It happens that a personal car, which is ideal for daily commuting, is not quite functional for vacation trips. Renting the right car can meet all your needs and ensure a successful holiday.

Prices for the best car rental services are quite reasonable today. However, the possibility of cost savings still worries many. Find out how to save money on renting a car during the holidays in this article.


Helpful Tips on How to Save on Holiday Car Rental Service

There are many different tips for saving money when renting a car. However, not all of them are effective. Read the top 11 in the paragraphs below.

Compare Price Offers

The choice of rental companies is diverse. Each of them has its own conditions for renting a vehicle. Some offer lower prices while others offer higher. If you want to save money, consider the prices of the best rental companies. Then you will certainly be able to find the most suitable offer.

Book a Car in Advance

According to customer feedback, ordering a car on the spot is not cheaper. Rather, on the contrary. Early booking allows you to save significantly on car rental during the holidays.

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Gather the Whole Family or Friends

Renting a car is most profitable when 3-4 people are traveling. Hiring a car for 2 people is justified only in some countries, for example, in Israel or Iceland, where the prices for public transport are very high.

Choose an Economy Class Car

Subcompact economy-class cars are 40-50% cheaper. In addition, they consume less fuel. Fuel costs are one of the important cost items that must be assessed simultaneously with the decision to rent a vehicle. The average fuel price in the US is $1.01 per litre. In some countries, such as Turkey, it can reach 2-2.5 euros.

Buy a Good Insurance

Practice shows that insurance increases the amount of rent significantly. For example, when traveling in Europe, you can rent a car for 10 euros per day. When taking full insurance, the amount will increase by 20 euros. That is, you have to pay 30 euros per day.

At the same time, insurance plays a very important role. For example, in case of a car theft or an accident, you do not need to pay for it yourself. Therefore, try to approach the choice of the insurance carefully and responsibly. Select the one that you really need. It will help cover costs in case of an insurance event.

The most common today are three types of rental car insurance:

  1. Collision waiver insurance
  2. Third-party liability insurance
  3. Theft insurance

Make a Credit Card Deposit

When concluding a vehicle rental agreement, the rental company blocks a certain deposit on the user’s bank card. The deposit amount varies and depends on the chosen type of insurance. The smallest deposit amount is used when choosing full insurance. After the car is returned intact, the deposit is returned to the customer.

Thus, it is necessary to clarify the deposit amount and check the availability of the required funds on the card in advance. It is better to use a credit card. The deposit amount on debit cards is always higher. In addition, it may take up to 30 days to unlock funds on a debit card.

Take a Vehicle with a Full Tank of Fuel

Renters usually receive vehicles with a full tank of fuel. When returning the car, they undertake to ensure the same tank condition. Such conditions are most convenient for both parties. If the car is returned with an incomplete fuel tank, the shortage is paid for at an inflated rate.

The practice of renting a car with an empty tank and returning it in the same condition is also quite common today. At first glance, the conditions are similar. At the same time, the renter should accurately calculate the required amount of fuel to use up all the fuel by the end of the trip.

Clearly Determine the Number of Rental Days

The cost of the car per day is lower the longer the rental period. Sometimes renting a car for 4 days costs the same as for a week. It is advisable to take this into account to save money.

Place and Time of Receiving/Returning the Vehicle

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The work schedule of the best rental companies is clear: delivery and return of cars in the morning until 12:00. If you pick up or return the vehicle at another time, an additional fee may apply. The renter often has to pay for a full day. There may also be an additional fee if you return the vehicle to another company office.

Do not Use Additional Services

There are many additional services offered to renters. However, such services are usually paid for. For example, renting a GPS is about 10 euros per day. At the same time, you can install the application on your smartphone and use it for free. Renting a child seat costs 15 euros per day. Calculate before the trip which is more profitable – to take your own child seat or rent it from a car rental company.

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Consider the Distance Limit

The rental companies sometimes limit the distance a car can travel. Usually, it is 600-800 km. Even a slight excess of the limit is paid additionally when returning the car. So, check whether the distance limit is specified in your car rental agreement. If you plan to travel a lot, you may receive additional expenses.


Car rental service is a great solution for a vacation trip, whether it’s summer holidays, winter holidays, etc. A rented car can provide you with a smooth and comfortable trip. In case of unforeseen circumstances, you can always contact the rental company for help and continue driving without any problems. Use the tips to save money while renting a car and enjoy the holidays!

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