Top 6 Activities to Do in Sydney, Australia

Travel addicts are always certain about the things that they are looking for during a vacation. Tourists are in love with one of the oldest cosmopolitan Cities of Australia, Sydney, when it comes to holidays. The beauty of the place is a combination of classic art and monuments along with flourished economic growth.

The Queen Victoria’s Building, the great Sydney Opera House, The harbour Bridge are some of the best places in Sydney that have gathered a huge token of love from the tourists. The capital of New South Wales in Australia is blooming with an ancient history. The place acts as an anchor between many galleries and museums.


The food cravings can be very authentic around this place. Yet the fun filled activities that suit your adrenaline rush is exactly what you need for a holiday. The humidity of the place is perfect to get a tan on your body. Sydney can be termed as an important financial city around the world. The Harbour City has a royal taste. The place flaunts the presence of Sydney Luna Park, Royal Botanic Garden, Bondi Beach, and many more places.

The place is appreciated among the tourists. It is magnificent. Tourists are always ready to schedule their journey around the greatest cosmopolitan cities around the globe.

Big Bus Sydney

The land of Australia is blooming with panoramic views and the most fundamental thing among the tourists. Yet the City of Sydney is extraordinary. The hop on bus travels have made it so easy to explore the vivid culture and beauty of the land. The ideal sites of Sydney Opera House and the delightful seaside view of Bondi beach have impeccable beauty.

The tour lets you check out the Famous Sydney Harbour and draws the attraction of the tourist by flaunting the diverse presence of Flora and Fauna. The bus starts its journey along the Central Station and takes you across the Bondi beach, Museums and many more. The bus has audio devices to guide your tour. So, what are you waiting for? Book your tickets to get a hop on ride on the very famous Big Bus Sydney.

Skydiving Wollongong

When it comes to prioritising your fun level, netizens can never miss out the excitement to visit Sydney in Australia. The soothing atmosphere and serene skyline makes the land divine. The tourists love to feel the refreshment under their skin. If you too want to feel the breeze then it’s best to visit the Wollongong Beach in South Sydney. The Cyanic water is just wow and most importantly, fun runs down your spine as the beach offers the best experiences.

Skydiving along this beach is loved by tourists. The instructors present let you jump from a height of 14000 feet, at a speed of 120 mph. The instructors supervise the costumes. The activity sets a limit to the group including 8 members at a time. The breeze flows through your skin and the view is eye catching. While you can feel the warmth of the wind, the water bodies showcase marine atmosphere. Sounds exciting!! So hurry up and visit the place soon.

Symbio Wildlife Park

Symbio Wildlife Park Tickets takes you into the fabulous wildlife centre in Sydney, Australia. The place has been a home to many wild animals that includes lions, zebras, Sumatran tigers, Penguins and many more. The park covers an area of 16 acres and the beauty is graciously maintained. The place has been covered with gardens.

Nature lovers will love the Park as the place resembles the beauty of nature. The park has developed a network of activities that includes swings, slides and wall climbs. The place becomes crowded during the months of February to April. Tourists love to visit here for picnics and playgrounds. The thrilling activities and the smooth environment is very popular among the tourists.

Bondi Surf Lessons

Bondi Beach surfing Sydney Australia

The land of Sydney is extraordinary. The place is calm, relaxing and the fun sets a standard here. The beach of Bondi is well known among the surfers. The instructors are available to train you. The place has a reputation to safeguard the interests of the surfers for a long time now.

The winter months of June till August are known for surfing activities. The beach is a mixture of scenic beauty and the fun filled activities are worth mentioning. The tidal waves are mesmerizing. The surfing lessons here continue for about 2 hours and the experience is splendid. Tourists must ensure their safety by having good communication with the instructors. Have a great time in Sydney.

Sydney Ghost Tour

Sydney has a breathtaking view. The place has a great historical value. The people are very classy about their styles. Yet there is something worth mentioning.

The adventure seekers are going to love the Ghost Stories here. Annadale, the street with no name is often called the Evil Lane As the vibe in here has horrific tales to say. Female’s orphan School, Parramatta and Old Govt house are no different. The place has restricted the entrance of children below 8 years of age.

Apart from delicious food and beaches and fun filled activities, this ghost adventure is much appreciated among tourists. Don’t wait too long. Give a visit to experience the best of Sydney.

Buffet at Sydney Tower

When you are on a journey then a food drive is something that can not be left behind. The mouth watering meal list is very authentic in Sydney. The Tower Eye Sydney is located at a height of 309 metres allowing 1000 people to dine together. The moreish meal and the pleasant view of the skyline can hold your breath.

Inside the tower eye there is an observation deck, 4d cinemas and skywalk and the mouth watering delicious food can’t be missed out. The ride is waiting for you. The top of the Tower takes you around Luna park, Sydney Opera House and so many more. The place is a true bliss. Tourists can never miss out on the scenic beauty of Sydney.

top activities to do in Sydney Australia buffet at Sydney Tower

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