Exciting Holiday 3 Days 2 Nights with Friends in Melbourne

Melbourne is a city in Australia that is a favorite of tourists. This city is also suitable as a choice of exciting holiday destinations with friends.

Many interesting holiday activities that can be done in Melbourne. From satisfied shopping to hot air balloon rides in the beautiful Yarra Valley. Compiled by detikTravel, this is the route for a 3 day 2 night walk in Melbourne with friends:

1. Day 1 in the morning: Werribee Open Range Zoo

Kick off your adventure in Melbourne with a visit to the Werribee Open Range Zoo. The zoo is about 35 km from the center of Melbourne City. While here, a traveler can experience an open-air safari in the Australian-style wilderness.

Adorable animals like koalas and kangaroos are ready to welcome you here. Other animals such as hippos, giraffes, zebras and others that are looking for food in the savanna can easily be seen by travelers.

2. Day 1 noon: Royal Botanic Gardens

After playing at the zoo, continue on to the Royal Botanic Gardens. The location is on Birdwood Ave, South Yarra, in the vicinity of downtown Melbourne.

This garden presents a variety of plants such as typical Australian flowers that thrive. In addition, visitors can get to know more about Aboriginal people by joining the daily Aborignal Heritage Walk tour.

The Royal Botanic Gardens were built on land that was once the camp and meeting place of the Boonwurrung and Woiwurrung communities. An Aboriginal person will kindly guide the tour. The guide will also be happy to answer questions related to Aborigines.

3. Day 1 night: Southbank

The bank of the Yarra River, precisely in the Southbank area, is one of the most popular hangouts in the city of Melbourne. Both residents and tourists of all ages, many relax here.

You and your friends can hang out for free or paid at Southbank. If you want something free, you can sit back and relax on the available benches, or lie down on the grass by the river.

If you want to spend a little, just come to the various cafes that sell a variety of foods and drinks. Just choose the cafe that you think is the best and enjoy the delicious variety of dishes available.

4. Day 2 am: Chapel Street

The second day in Melbourne, it’s time to go shopping. Step into Chapel Street, where there are hundreds of branded fashion shops. From clothes, pants, shoes to accessories, everything is there.

There is also a shop here that sells vintage clothing. Fashion-loving travelers are guaranteed to feel at home for long around Chapel Street. If you get hungry after shopping, there are plenty of cafes, bars and restaurants for dining.

Apart from shopping, around Chapel Street you can also visit theaters and galleries to see works of art. Of course, you and your friends must be careful to protect your belongings from being lost. Chapel Street is a busy tourist area, and it is not impossible for pickpockets to work here.

5. Day 2 afternoon: Queen Victoria Market

Queen Victoria Market is the oldest market in Melbourne which was founded in the 19th century. If from Chapel Street, the distance is about 7 km and can be reached by car or tram.

This market is one of the favorite shopping places for Melbourne tourists. Various knick-knacks, clothes, jewelry to paintings, all can be found here. What’s more, the price offered is still negotiable.

Queen Victoria Market is open every day except Monday and Wednesday.

6. Day 1 night: Degraves Street

Enjoy the night in Melbourne by exploring the small alleys around Degrave Street. Lots of small cafes, bars and classic style restaurants that are great for hanging out.

The aroma of coffee and various snacks wafted along the narrow alleys. Tourists from various countries looked around the alley. Hanging out here is guaranteed to feel at home!

Degrave Street is also perfect for hunting cool Melbourne postcard-style photos. Many building walls are also decorated with cool graffiti. So, don’t forget to fully charge the camera battery before coming here.

7. Day 3 am: Yarra Valley

Yarra Valley is one of the best wine producing regions in Australia. The location is indeed a bit far from the center of Melbourne City which is 90 km, but a long trip will pay off with an unforgettable experience in the Yarra Valley.

You and your friends can take a tour to visit a wine factory and see a vast vineyard. Not only that, the rare experience of riding a hot air balloon and seeing beautiful vineyard views from a height can be felt in the Yarra Valley. There are several operators to choose from, for example Global Ballooning. To be able to join this hot air balloon tour, it costs starting from AUD 365.

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